Top of the Hops

Part of our Craft Range.

ABV: 4.2%
Style: A Golden World Record Breaker
Colour: Golden
Hops: 2018 different UK experimental hop varieties
Allergens: Malted Barley (Gluten)
Available in: 9g Cask
Short tasting note: Golden, complex, 2018 hops
Long tasting note: A WORLD RECORD BREAKER, an easy drinking golden beer brewed with 2018 different experimental hops, the hops are all UK grown, the beer is truly unique each year

Other information: The Great Yorkshire Brewery would like to Introduce this year’s Top of The Hops. December 2017 will see the launch of this season’s beer brewed with a record breaking 2,018 hop varieties.

How Can We Use 2018 Hop Varieties - The Science

Hop plants cannot self-pollinate, every seed resulting from pollination has its own unique genetic code. Peter Darby of Wye Hops LTD, a scientist from Kent, analyses them and is from there able to determine the superior individuals in Hop production. Up to 1,500 seedlings are transferred to the great outdoors for 3 years, at any time there could potentially be 4,500 different individual hop plants growing in one field. Each year 5% of these go onto further assessment and the rest go into Top of the Hops.
The project was set up in 2011 as a way to invest in the U.K. hop industry. From the 2011 harvest, The Great Yorkshire Brewery in Cropton, near Pickering, arranged for exactly 2,012 of these varieties to be harvested and blended for a new brew of beer. The resulting brew marketed in the spring 2012 through Mitchells & Butlers pubs, which received favourable reactions from the public. It would have not been possible to harvest the amount of different varieties until this stage in the development programme.

In 2014 The Great Yorkshire Brewery and M&B teamed up again and bought the remaining unused flowers to produce the 2,014 Top of the Hop batch again breaking wold records.
Previously to the partnership up to 95% of the Hop varieties would have been destroyed. Now used to make our golden favourite.

Due to the fact that no two hop seasons are alike and the variety of hops produced once dried, a slightly different blend that goes into making each Top of the Hops batch. Which in turn makes for a constantly evolving and intriguing beer and over 69,000 pints will be available - Cheers